has recently updated the list of Michigan's favorite dog breeds in 2024. Here in the mitten state, we're definitely animal people. According to their research, 62.4% of Michiganders have pets and 41.9% of those pet owners have dogs.

So, what breeds do those 41.9 percenters own?

Michigan's Favorite Dog Breed 2024

Drumroll please... we're LAB people! Labrador Retrievers are known for their loyalty and hunting abilities. They also LOVE water, which is perfect for our state. Labs are also America's second-favorite dog so we're right on par with everyone else.

The most popular dog breeds for the state behind labs are German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, and Huskies.

Illegal Dog Breeds in Michigan

While our state has a soft spot for animal companions, there is one type of dog that is illegal in Michigan.

Michigan is one of 22 states that has prohibited local governments from enacting breed-specific legislation. This means that no city or county in Michigan can create laws specifically targeting certain breeds like pit bulls or bully breeds.

So, while there may have been some places in Michigan with breed-specific legislation in the past, the state law now prevents that type of regulation. Some local ordinances may have been grandfathered in or have not been challenged or repealed. However, any new breed-specific legislation would be in violation of the statewide law. Instead, Michigan is focused on responsible pet ownership.

The only dog you that is illegal to own in any part of the state is a wolf dog.

What is a Wolf-dog?

Think of a wolf-dog like a mix between a wolf and a regular dog. Sometimes people try to breed them, but in Michigan, it's not allowed. That's because they can be a bit unpredictable and might not make good pets. They can have traits from both wolves and dogs, which can make them harder to handle. So, to keep everyone safe and make sure animals are treated well, Michigan doesn't allow them as pets.

Below are some more things you cannot do in the state.

Illegal Things To Throw Away In Michigan

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