Most laws make sense, notice we said most, not all.

For example, for drivers over the age of 21, operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or higher in Michigan is a crime. That makes sense. Here is an example of a Michigan law that does not make sense - all bathing suits in Rochester must be inspected by the head of police. WTF?

Chances are that the bathing suit inspection law is not being enforced, however, from all accounts, it is still a Michigan law in the year 2022.

Did you know it is also illegal to scowl at a woman in the city of Detroit? How many people have been arrested on that charge? I am guessing not a lot as of late. Maybe back in the day, but police officers have much worse criminals to arrest than someone scowling. To be fair, a person may have a resting scowling face after all.

There should be a law about poorly made turkey wraps in Michigan. Whoever made the turkey wrap I had for lunch today should be arrested over the amount of rotten lettuce that was on it. If there were such a thing as the Food Police, trust me - I would have called them today.

To save yourself from being arrested in the Great Lakes State, take a look at the list of 10 crazy laws in Michigan. You have been warned.

10. It's illegal to scowl at women in Detroit.

I am guessing that police in Detroit are far too busy to arrest anyone for scowling.

Windshield view of an angry driver man. Negative human emotions face expression

9. People must not be drunk on trains.

Note to self, do not book a train ride.


8.  In the city of Niles, you must exit your car on the sidewalk side of the car.

Not an easy one to remember, but nonetheless doable should you find yourself in Niles.

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7. All bathing suits in Rochester must be inspected by the head of police.

I double dog dare anyone to march into the Rochester Police Station next summer and ask to have their bathing suit inspected. Chances are officers will want to examine your head instead.

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6. Cursing is not allowed in front of women and children.


Annoyed upset angry woman plugging her ears with fingers doesn't want to listen

5. Couples cannot live together unless they're married.

Looks like Michganders living out of wedlock are in big trouble.

young wedding couple kissing and holding heart with just married inscription

4.  Adultery is illegal, but can only be enforced when the affected husband or wife makes a complaint.

Hello, 911? I would like to report and infedility.

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3. No man may seduce and corrupt an unmarried girl, or he risks five years in prison.

I would love to get to know you better, but I also enjoy my freedom.

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2. Interracial relationships are against the law in Michigan

This cannot be true. I have a lot of friends who are breaking this 'law'.


1. Cars cannot be sold on Sunday.

But you can buy booze at most places before noon, so that is a win.

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