With summer-like temperatures here, you know what that means—time to soak up all the fun our great state has to offer. No matter what you're into, Michigan has something for everyone.

But let's talk about one of my favorite summer activities: you-pick farms! There's nothing like getting your hands on fresh, juicy fruit straight from the tree or vine.

You-Pick Farms in Michigan

Michigan is blessed with a bounty of you-pick farms and orchards, making it a paradise for fruit lovers. If you’re into apples, mark your calendars for fall and head over to Phillips Orchard and Cider Mill in St. Johns or Spicer Orchards Farm Market, Cider Mill, Fudge, and Bakery in Fenton. These spots are perfect for a family outing, complete with cider and donuts.

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But right now, let’s focus on summer’s star attraction: cherries! Nothing says summer in Michigan quite like a basket full of freshly picked cherries. Traverse City is the place to be, known far and wide for its National Cherry Festival. But don’t worry if you’re not up for a road trip—there are plenty of great cherry-picking spots right here in mid-Michigan and beyond.

Cherry Picking Tips and Tricks in Michigan

Ready to fill your buckets with nature’s candy? Before you rush out the door, here are some tips to make your cherry-picking adventure a success:

  1. Check the Farm’s Schedule: Make sure to visit the farm’s website or Facebook page for their latest hours and days of operation. There’s nothing worse than showing up with excited kids only to find the gates closed!
  2. Payment Methods: Find out what forms of payment the farm accepts. Some places are still cash-only, so come prepared.
  3. BYOC – Bring Your Own Container: Some farms provide containers, but many expect you to bring your own. Pack a few sturdy baskets or boxes to carry home your fruity treasures.
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So, grab the kids, pack some snacks, and head out for a cherry-picking adventure. And don't forget the sunscreen. Michigan’s summer is short but oh-so-sweet—let's make the most of it. Happy picking!

The Best You-Pick Cherry Farms Across Michigan

Now that Michigan's really getting into summer, it's the perfect season for cherry picking.
Whether you want to stay around town in the mid-Michigan area, or perhaps make a day of it and travel someplace new and check out the Michigan town that's literally famous for its cherry festival; Traverse City, there are plenty of great you-pick cherry places across the state. Check out where you can pick your own cherries across Michigan.

Gallery Credit: Kristen Matthews

Find Out Where the Best Michigan Farms are for U-Pick Blueberries

Michigan has plenty of delicious fruits and flowers to offer, and they all have their seasons. and blueberry season is on the way! If you want to take part in u-pick blueberries, these fantastic Michigan farms are the places to go. Check out the list below to see where you can find the farms and see when they offer u-pick blueberries.

Gallery Credit: Kristen Matthews

U-Pick Berry Farms in Mid-Michigan

Strawberry and raspberry season is nearly upon us. Of course, you could go to the grocery store and get some, but why not do something more fun and support local farms at the same time? There are a handful of pick-your-own-berry farms right here in the Mid-Michigan area. Check out the gallery below to find out where they are and when they expect berries to be in for the season. Hint: it's coming up soon.

Gallery Credit: Kristen Matthews

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