Now that it's officially fall, and Halloween is right around the corner, you need to be prepared.

Fall colors on the Kancamagus highway in New Hampshire
Chad Elberson

That means you need all the appropriate decor...

Fall and Halloween Decor

And as much as you want to be the people with the 12-foot-tall skeleton in your front yard (I know, because that is me), perhaps that's not in the budget? Those are like $300 - $400...

Photo courtesy of Mr. Bones Facebook
Photo courtesy of Mr. Bones Facebook

But do you know what IS in the budget?

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Pumpkins can certainly fit into just about every budget. And what's cool is that pumpkins serve as a dual decoration, because they are both on point for general fall decor and Halloween decor.

Fall Harvest Pumpkin Patch with ripe Pumpkins

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Sure, you could just pick up a pumpkin at the store, but why not make a fun little trip of it and go to a local pumpkin patch?

Best U-Pick Pumpkin Spots in MId-Michigan

There are a few awesome farms, orchards, and pumpkin patches around the Lansing and Mid-Michigan areas that offer the opportunity to pick your own pumpkins.

Take the short drive to check out one of these places!

Uncle John's Cider Mill in St Johns

You can pick your own pumpkins here and they're open everyday. You'll pay by weight.

Shawhaven Farm in Mason

The pumpkin patch opens September 30th and will run through October 29th.

Clearview Orchards in Haslett

The pumpkin patch opens September 28th.

Reese Farms in Lansing

Pre-picked pumpkins—in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors—are available through fall from 9 am to dusk.

  • $5.00 Large Pumpkins
  • $3.00 Small Pumpkins
  • $1.00 Pie Pumpkins
  • $0.50 Mini Pumpkins

Country Mill Orchard & Cider Mill in Charlotte

Pumpkin Picking is $0.35 per pound for Jack-o-Lantern pumpkins through October 31st. Earlier in the season it's $1 for gourds & mini pumpkins, $3 each for small pie pumpkins, and $4 each per small white, warty, or multicolored pumpkin (not orange), and $8 for large specialty pumpkins. Both u-pick and pre-picked pumpkins are available.

Felzke Farms in DeWitt

Pumpkins are priced from $2 - $12 and range in size, shape, and color.

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