Michiganders are notorious for complaining about other Michigan drivers. They drive too slow, they drive too fast, they drive like a maniac in the snow, and the list goes on.

Deadliest Michigan Roads

Now, a popular website has backed up those complaints by determining the deadliest stretches of roads in Michigan.

Living in the Lansing area, you might suggest Saginaw and Grand River at the 127 junctions. And having lived in the Detroit area, I would have bet bottom dollar that Southfield Freeway or I-94 were at the top of the list. And while stretches of I-94 did make the list when it comes to deadliest roads, it wasn't the deadliest road.

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No, that dishonor goes to Gratiot Avenue between Liberal Street and Van Dyke in Detroit.

Most Dangerous Road in Michigan

MonkeyGeek analyzed data from 2018 to 2020 and looked at 1,742 roads in the state and over 2,800 fatal accidents that occurred. From there, they found that the stretch of Gratiot Avenue between Liberal and Van Dyke, which is only 4.7 miles long, experienced 16 fatal accidents that accounted for 18 fatalities. Making it the deadliest stretch of road in the state.

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If you, like me, had guessed that somewhere along I-94 would be the deadliest stretch of road, you're not too far off. I-94 between exits 198A to 202 and again from exits 222A to 227 made the list for second and fifth deadliest stretches, in that order. Combined, those stretches of road have seen 19 fatal accidents from 2018 to 2020.

Armed with that knowledge, just make sure that you are extra careful and diligent when driving those stretches of road in the Detroit area. Check out the other top ten deadliest roads, here.

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