About 9 months ago, southeast Michiganders lost their favorite country music bar. But now, we have a silver lining to this former dark cloud.

Diamondback Saloon Closed in 2022

Back in December of 2022, Diamondback Saloon closed after 37 years.

Diamondback was known for its live music, line dancing, and bike nights. Diamondback Saloon was also super popular amongst Belleville residents and the residents of southeast Michigan

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The owner of Diamondback, who's been the same owner over the course of the saloon's history, wanted to retire and sold the business to some new owners.

Diamondback Saloon is Reopening as a New Kind of Venue

At the time, we didn't know the new owners' plans for Diamondback Saloon, but now we do.

Diamondback posted this neat picture on their Facebook page.

The DB indeed lives!

Some new life is being brought into the former country music bar. By the looks of the name change (Diamondback Saloon to Diamondback Music Hall), it appears it will be more geared toward live music, but I'm sure plenty of country music.

No word just yet on when Diamondback Music Hall plans to open, but if there's any indication from the 2,000 plus reactions, 300 plus comments, and over 400 shares... people are pretty excited for this legacy to be returning in one way or another.

I for one will be very excited to see what kind of live music this music hall will bring in. Always love the opportunity to check out more live music!

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