The Lansing foodie scene is an ever changing landscape.

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Over the course of 2023, we saw numerous restaurants close their doors for the last time. Places like Black Cat Bistro in East Lansing and Tannin in Lansing are just two examples of closures that came about. However, we also saw a great number of restaurants open their doors for the first time.

Some new restaurants that joined the Lansing foodie scene in 2023 include Leo's Coney Island in Lansing, Pita Way in East Lansing, and a handful of restaurants inside the Lansing Shuffle.

New Restaurants in East Lansing

Now, East Lansing has not one, but two new restaurants coming our way!

If you've driven along Grand River Avenue at Hagadorn, you may have seen the sign up for the new eateries joining the plaza; The Morning Post for A Spirited Breakfast and D'Nulffos Seafood & Chophouse.

Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing
Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing

No word on when these restaurants will be opening, just a sign that says, "Coming Soon".

Old East Lansing Restaurants

These restaurants will be opening in the plaza at the northwest corner of Hagadorn and Grand River, right next to D & D Bicycles.

These restaurants will be taking over the old Punk Taco/The Cosmos location. If you remember correctly, The Goat on Grand River (a speakeasy) was supposed to open in that location. They announced plans to open there in February of 2023. However, in August 2023, The Goat announced via its Facebook page that it was still opening, just at a different location.

I love me a good breakfast place, so I'll be excited to give this place a try when they open!

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