In Michigan (home of the Motor City), there are going to be a whole lot of cars on the road, but which ones are the most popular?

The Most Popular Cars in America

When I'm driving, I tend to see a lot of the vehicle that I own. However, I'm thinking that might be a bit of confirmation bias, seeing as how that's the car I use and drive everyday. But just because I see it all the time, that doesn't make it the most popular car in America, or Michigan for that matter.

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Data collected by Edmunds determined that the most popular vehicle in America is the Ford F-150. Followed by the Chevy Silverado (2), the Toyota RAV4 (3), the Tesla Model Y (4), and the Honda CR-V (5). However, those makes, models, and numbers change up when you look at Michigan.

The Most Popular Cars in Michigan

Taking a look at Michigan's top five favorite cars, you can see that Michiganders are big fans of two of the Big Three Auto Makers; Ford and General Motors.

Not only do we have favorite makes of vehicles, but the Mitten State has has favorite models. When it comes to the top five most popular cars in Michigan, Michiganders opt for trucks and SUVs. Take a look below and see what makes and models landed on Michigan's top five most popular vehicle list.

5. Chevrolet Blazer

Chicago Auto Show Holds Its Media Preview Before Weekend Opening
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4. Ford Escape

Ford Issues Recall For 850,000 2013-14 Vehicles
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3. Chevrolet Silverado

New Models Debut At North American International Auto Show
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2. Chevrolet Equinox

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1. Ford F-Series

Ford Introduces new F-150 And Ranger Trucks At Their Dearborn Plant
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