There's a place in Metro Detroit that is famous for its no muss, no fuss, no frills burger, and lucky for Mid-Michigan, it's expanding.

Best Burgers in Michigan

If you've ever looked for a delicious burger in Metro Detroit, there's no shortage of options. But I'd be willing to bet that someone may have recommended you go try the burger at Miller's Bar in Dearborn.

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Miller's Bar is world famous for their no-frills burger—7 ounces of ground round, made to order and served on wax paper. And they must be doing something right because they've been around for more than 80 years. Speaking as a native of that area who's eaten at Miller's Bar, I can attest to the deliciousness of its burgers. Lucky for Mid-Michigan, Miller's has decided to expand.

Famous Miller's Bar is Opening a Second Location in Mid-Michigan

Miller's Bar has opened a second location in Jackson, Michigan.

This new location can be found at 808 W Monroe Street in Jackson. And while the location might be new, they're serving up burgers the same old way they've always been doing; no frills, made to order, on wax paper.

If you're not up for making the drive to Jackson or Dearborn, I would say there's a burger place in Lansing that brings the same taste and vibes when it comes to the burgers they prepare, and that's Dagwood's Tavern & Grill.

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Dagwood's burgers are always on point, and they serve them on wax paper inside a basket, so a little bit elevated from Miller's.

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