Apparently, we're just a noisy state.

Loudest States in America

I mean, I knew that Michigan was a state full of fast talkers who liked to drop the endings of words, but loud?

Turns out, that's what people think of when they think of Michigan. Preply did a survey on "Americans' level of loudness in public" and calculated the responses to determine the loudest states across the U.S.

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They surveyed Americans across the country to find out who had the loudest talkers, "which loud activities they are guilty of doing in public, which activities they find annoying, where people are the loudest, and more."

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Here's what they learned;

Michigan Ranks in the Top 10 for Loudest States in America

Michigan is pretty dang loud.

Out of all 50 states, Michigan is one of the loudest, coming in at number 6.

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The only states that are louder than Michigan are South Carolina (5), Georgia (4), New Jersey (3), Florida (2), and Louisiana (1).

Preply gave each state a loudness score, and Michigan scored a whopping 88.7 out of 100. And Michiganders are accused of practicing all kinds of annoying or rude public behaviors, such as getting into an argument with someone in public, chewing your food loudly, and talking in the movie theater.

Loudest and Quietest Cities in the U.S.

Preply didn't just look at states, they also did a break down of the top 10 loudest and quietest cities in America, and the results are very interesting.

Cities that I would probably have as the loudest are Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago, and while these cities make the top 10 for loudest, they don't even crack the top 5.

And while Michigan may be one of the loudest states in the nations, Detroit (aka The Motor City) ranked as the 7th quietest cities in America.

Take a look at the full results here.

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