Due to some scary and unfortunate circumstances, both locations of Lansing's Strange Matter Coffee Co. will be temporarily closed.

Strange Matter Coffee Temporarily Closed

If you follow Strange Matter on their social media, or if you're a part of the Lansing subReddit page, you may have already heard about this.

Or if you figured you'd swing by and grab a latte and a donut while you were out and about, you probably saw this sign on their door...

Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing
Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing

Someone wrote a threatening, 10-page letter to Strange Matter, and out of an abundance of caution, has decided to close both locations (the corner of Michigan Avenue and Clemens as well as the Downtown Lansing location at the corner of Washington Square and Kalamazoo) for the next few days.

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If you follow them on Instagram, they go into a bit more detail about the circumstances of the letter and why they decided to temporarily close.

Strange Matter wasn't the only LGTBQ+ coffee shop targeted.

Threatening Letters Close LGTBQ+ Coffee Shops

According to Strange Matter's Instagram post, "another queer-identified coffee shop received a similar letter in Detroit." And in a comment to their own post, Strange Matter continued that the Detroit "letter from the same writer was far more terrifying than ours and they've been closed for a week.

This kind of hate is absolutely disgusting and has no place here. I'm sure the FBI and Lansing Police Department are doing all in their power to identify this person or persons during this investigation.

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