Lansing's Beerfest at the Ballpark returns this Saturday, April 20.

In its ninth year, Beerfest at the Ballpark will again be held at Jackson Field in Lansing, home of the Lansing Lugnuts. Festivities will take place on the 360 concourse inside the stadium, and in front of the stadium itself. Part of Michigan Avenue will also be closed during the event.

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What Beer/Cider Vendors Will Be at Beerfest at the Ballpark?

Beerfest at the Ballpark is slated to feature more than five dozen breweries and cider makers from throughout the region, including 16 that are due to make their inaugural appearances at the festival:

707 Winery & Brewery
Baynes Cider Project
Chateau Chantal
Great Lakes Brewing Co.
Loaded Dice Brewery
MobCraft Beer Inc.
Petoskey Brewing
Phillips Ciders
Pigeon Hill Brewing Co.
Sierra Rose Cellars
Summerlands Brewing Co.
The Five Brewing Company
Three Bridges Distillery & Taproom
Vander Mill Hard Cider
Waypost Brewing Co.
Wise Men Distillery

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Other Vendors Expected at Lansing's Beerfest at the Ballpark

While beer is naturally the focus of Beerfest at the Ballpark, you can also expect a variety of ciders, wines, meads, and spirits as well.

The Lansing Lugnuts' concession stands will be providing food, and there will be live music too.

Photo via Beerfest at the Ballpark
Photo via Beerfest at the Ballpark

Beerfest at the Ballpark will take place from 3pm to 8pm on Saturday. VIP ticket holders may enter an hour early.

More details about Beerfest at the Ballpark are available here.

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