A Michigan summer isn't complete without a couple of things.

  1. Some time at the lake
  2. An ice cream treat on a hot day

Now, you can knock both those things off your to-do list by stopping by one West Michigan lake; Lake Macatawa.

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That's where you'll find the floating ice cream man.

Or, ice cream people, to be more accurate.

Boat on West Michigan Lake Sells Ice Cream to Other Boaters

According to MLive, "Megan Ward and Isaiah Kinney opened Ice Cream Afloat the weekend of June 14 on Lake Macatawa, 1863 Ottawa Beach Rd. in Holland".

Ice Cream Afloat is basically an ice cream parlor pontoon, complete with a variety of frozen treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. They offer Blue Bunny, Good Humor, Klondike bars, Magnum bars, and more. All at just $4 - 6 per frozen confection.

If you want a cold one, and I'm not talking beer in this situation, all you have to do is wave them down and they'll come to you.

Ice Cream Afloat Coming to a Michigan Lake Near You

So far, Ice Cream Afloat has only had a couple of weekends on the lake. The first was the weekend of June 14th on Lake Macatawa and the second was the weekend of June 21st on Spring Lake.

If you live in West Michigan, you're in luck, because that's where you'll find Ice Cream Afloat. The plan is that they'll be boating on either Sprink Lake, Muskegon Lake, or Lake Macatawa. weekends this summer. No matter where they're going to be, you'll be able to keep up on where and when they'll be open on their Facebook page.

Ice Cream Man in Lansing

I feel like an ice cream boat like this would make for the perfect addition to Lake Lansing. It's been a minute since I've seen the ice cream man driving around Lansing. Maybe he could hit the water instead?

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