UPDATE: The Junction's promotion team will continue to host shows and live events on the "Mane Stage" at Green Dot Stables. The first set of shows coming back will be The Spartan Stampede After Party on February 16th and 17th, as well as a live concert on February 16th by Cooper Johnson.


Sadly, it hasn't been along for very long and we're having to say goodbye to it.

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Another business has closed in Lansing. This time, we're saying goodbye to The Junction.

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The Junction took over the space of the former Green Dot Stables, and long before that, The Whiskey Barrel.

The Junction in Lansing Has Closed

The Junction hosted live musical events, line dancing, and plenty more within its spacious walls. It's last day was January 24th, 2024.

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But while we've lost this business, we are getting one in its place. In fact, according to Lansing State Journal, Green Dot Stables is reopening in its place.

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

Green Dot Stables is Reopening in Lansing

Originally, Green Dot Stables took over the old Whiskey Barrel location back in December of 2017. And after difficulties with a major flood, Covid-19, and a lack of staffing, it closed in July of 2022.

The owners, Jacques and Christine Driscoll, are reopening the slider and fry restaurant with a fun new additional of "an enhanced entertainment lineup".

When Will Green Dot Stables Reopen?

Right now, the timeline for Green Dot Stables to reopen is set for mid-February, but no exact date has been chosen.

If, in the mean time, you really can't wait to try Green Dot Stables again, you can always make the trip and check them out at the original Detroit location.

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