I was born in Flint, Michigan, and spent several of my earliest years there before moving away.

Over the years, Flint's seen more struggle than a lot of cities - its population has decreased by more than half, and it's been the subject of multiple crime documentaries and exposés about the decline of its dependence on the auto industry. Oh, and let's not forget the storied Flint Water Crisis.

Adam Maloney via Unsplash
Adam Maloney via Unsplash

That's why this new news about Flint made me smile.

One of the Most Affordable Places in America to Water Your Lawn is Flint, Michigan

A new study from LawnLove looks into how affordable it is to water your lawn in nearly 500 of America's biggest cities.

They consider things like the size of the average yard in each city; how much of each city's average income is spent on paying the water bill; how long each city's grass-growing season is; how much water the city's most common grass requires; and several other criteria.

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After crunching all the data, it turns out that Flint is the 8th most affordable place in the entire country to water your lawn!

Other Michigan Cities With Comparatively Affordable Water

Flint may have the most affordable water in the state of Michigan, but there are a few other cities that aren't far behind.

Smiling family on front lawn of a house
Photo via bmcent1

Lansing ranks as the 15th most affordable place in the United States to water your lawn, with Detroit close behind at #16. Warren's at #21, with Dearborn at #31 and Grand Rapids at #32.

Curious where the rest of the state and the country land? Check out Lawn Love's full rankings here.

The 25 Cities with the Softest Water in Michigan

Overall, experts say Michigan has moderately hard to hard water. Some communities have softer water than others. Here are the 25 Michigan communities with the softest water.

Gallery Credit: JR, photos courtesy of Google Maps

Inside Michigan's Abandoned Flint Central High School

Flint Central High School closed its doors in 2009, and the campus has been abandoned ever since. Here's a look inside the school as it appears today.

Gallery Credit: jrwitl

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