Facebook, or Meta I guess if you really want to be accurate, can be a great tool.

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You can use it to connect with friends and family, learn about local events, and even see what's happening on the other side of the world.

Another aspect of Facebook is Facebook Marketplace. This is a digital marketplace where you can buy and sell goods. And honestly, it can be pretty awesome. However, it can also be a pretty crazy and kooky place, with just a dash of the "wild wild west".

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I love coming across really interesting finds, and this latest Michigan item doesn't disappoint.

Interesting Michigan Facebook Marketplace Finds

Behold, my latest unique and interesting Facebook Marketplace find;

Allison Brussow via Facebook Marketplace
Allison Brussow via Facebook Marketplace

A former Taco Bell sign.

Allison Brussow via Facebook Marketplace
Allison Brussow via Facebook Marketplace

If you like eclectic decor and you have $300 to spare and you can drive to Grand Rapids, this bad boy can be yours.

I think the best part of this listing is not necessarily the item that's for sale. Don't get me wrong, the sign is pretty stellar. But the cherry on this sundae is the message the seller has for any potential buyers. That message: live mas.

Weird Things You Can Buy on Michigan's Facebook Marketplace

Add this Taco Bell to the proverbial pile when it comes to interesting Michigan Facebook Marketplace finds.

In the past, I've come across a designer Panera Bread purse, some used "gym equipment", and even a firetruck. You can see other interesting finds in the gallery below.

8 Weird Finds on Michigan’s Facebook Marketplace

You know it's an odd collection of items from Facebook Marketplace when the weirdest thing you find isn't haunted dolls. From interesting items for sale to ridiculous prices, check out some of the oddest things for sale on Michigan's Facebook Marketplace.

Gallery Credit: Kristen Matthews

Unique Campers For Sale on Michigan's Facebook Marketplace

Gallery Credit: Kristen Matthews

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