Ever have one of those moments when you wish you could just take back all the stupid stuff that just came out of your mouth? You can bet this reporter does.

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The Press Conference

The Detroit Lions host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs this weekend.

Photos via Canva
Photos via Canva

A reporter asked Bucs coach Todd Bowles a rather interesting question during a press conference about the game earlier this week:

“Looking forward towards Detroit, the weather has been a factor in some of the playoff games even for the most prepared teams. Today, it’s 13 (degrees) in Detroit, which doesn’t compare to some of the temperatures it will drop to. Any special plans to acclimate the team to not only endure but perform, in those kinds of frigid temperatures should you face them in Detroit?”


Maybe Tampa Bay area football fans initially thought it was a legitimate question, but Detroit fans started laughing before she could finish.

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Bowles, while visibly amused, handled the gaffe well:

“You do know they play indoors, right? They got a dome. … I don’t — no, nothing planned. We’re indoors, we only have to be outside for 20 seconds getting off the bus and going into the (stadium). So, we’ll be OK.”

There's no doubt that the reporter in question wishes she could go back in time and make it all go away. But let's give her a break. Playoff games don't happen at Ford Field all that often.

Take a look at video from the moment here:

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