There are so many amazing places to grow up in Michigan, but what are the best?

Best Places to Live in Michigan

Maybe as a lifelong Michigander, I'm a little biased, but you can find something awesome with just about every place to live. Not only that but Michigan as a state is pretty awesome.

Think about it... we get all four seasons, we have plenty of gorgeous lakes and beaches to enjoy in the summer.


With all that in mind, which places throughout Michigan are the best? That's where we turn to Niche.

Niche is always taking an in-depth look at things to be able to bring you a thorough analysis. For example, if you want to know what the top ten best public high schools are in Michigan, Niche can give you that answer. Or if you want to know which ten elementary schools in Michigan have the highest-rated teachers, they know that too.

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This time around, they've done the legwork and determined the best places to live in Michigan.

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To determine which places were the best to live, Niche looked at several categories to determine the overall grade;

  • Public Schools
  • Housing
  • Good for Families
  • Crime & Safety
  • Nightlife
  • Diversity

The number one best place to live in Michigan received an A+ overall, and SPOILER ALERT! The absolute best place to live in all of Michigan is in the Greater Lansing Area!

Before you start looking at new houses, check out the 15 best places to live in Michigan in 2024, below.

The 15 Best Places to Live in Michigan in 2024

When it comes to great places to live, Michigan has no shortage. But how do we determine the best of the best? Niche took a look at things like public schools, crime & safety, nightlife, and more to determine the best places to live in Michigan. These are the top 15.

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See how is differs from 2022...

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