What do you think of when you think of bakeries? Cakes and pies? Breads, muffins and cookies?

Prepare your taste buds for a treat.

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Yelp has just revealed the best-rated bakery in every state, and the one that gets the highest marks in Michigan is something special.

What Is Michigan's Best Bakery?

According to the Yelp Elite Squad, Michigan's best bakery is Shatila Bakery in Dearborn.

Photo via Facebook (Shatila Bakery)
Photo via Facebook (Shatila Bakery)

Riad Shatila moved from Lebanon to Michigan in the 1970s, and first opened his bakery featuring authentic Mediterranean/Middle Eastern desserts back in 1979. Today, his family continues what he started. Shatila Bakery now has locations in Dearborn Heights and West Bloomfield, Michigan, as well.

What Makes Shatila Bakery So Special?

Shatila Bakery is renowned for its custom cakes, to be sure, but it's much more than that.

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Shatila's baklawa has been deemed best in all of America by food critics at the Wall Street Journal. (Are you more familiar with the word "baklava"? That's the Greek-inspired version, typically made with multiple layers of nuts, filo and syrups. "Baklawa" traces its roots to Turkey and Lebanon, and features one big layer of nuts amidst the filo dough.)

Photo via Facebook (Shatila Bakery)
Photo via Facebook (Shatila Bakery)

Knafeh, katayef and mamoul are other favorites among Shatila customers and Yelp reviewers.

Unless you're fluent in Arabic, a lot of these words may be unfamiliar to you. They say "a picture is worth a thousand words", so below, see what makes Shatila Bakery a must-stop next time you find yourself in the Detroit area.

Shatila Bakery in Dearborn - Michigan's Best Bakery?

A new survey from Yelp has revealed the best bakery in every state. Michigan's is Shatila Bakery in Dearborn. Take a look at these delectable delights!

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