Let's be real. January in Mid-Michigan? We fully expect to peer out our windows and see nothing but snow.

Snow on the ground. Snow in gigantic piles at the end of the parking lot. Dirty snow lining the streets and sidewalks.

Look at the window right now and all you're going to see is grass. Hard to believe that snowfall in the Lansing area is above-average for the season.

What? Say that again?

It's true. As of right now, Mid-Michigan has seen more snow this season than we typically have by this time of the year.

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How is that even possible? WILX News 10 Meteorologist Justin Bradford breaks it down:

Lansing has seen 26.9 inches of snow this season, which is surprisingly above average to date. By this time in the season, we have normally received 23.1 inches of snow, so we are running almost four inches above normal. All this despite less than half an inch of snow in January so far… We have the bigger snows in November and December to thank for that!

It's hard to remember at this point, but it's true.

According to extremeweatherwatch.com, between November 15th and November 20th, we saw just over 10". Another inch and a half fell December 9th and 10th, with about another inch and a half between December 16th and 18th.

Remember how snowy it was just before Christmas? Lansing logged 13.6" between December 22nd and December 26th. Except for a couple tenths of an inch on January 6th, we've been snow free since then.

So while it's true that we have had above-average snowfall so far this season, unless we see some flakes soon, that won't be the case for long. The Lansing area can typically expect 14.3" of snow in January, so we have a long way to go. February is usually our second-snowiest month, with 12.9" to be expected.

It's anybody's guess where this winter winds up in the record books, but so far it's been all over the place.

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