East Lansing is a treasure trove when it comes to restaurants to dine at.

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And even though we've seen our fair share of closures recently, like Wings Over East Lansing and The Cosmos; we've also seen some awesome new additions, like Goodfellas Bagels and, most recently, Kimchi Box.

Now, we get to look forward to another new place to grab a bite to eat in East Lansing: Peppino's Pizza.

Restaurants in East Lansing

Peppino's is actually taking over the old Wings Over East Lansing space, located in the plaza at the northwest corner of Grand River Avenue and Hagadorn Road.

Wings Over closed back in February of 2022 and the space has been vacant since. It wasn't until a recent drive through that area that I noticed some new signage out front, and the sign read Peppino's Pizza. Here's a look at what's going on so far.

Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing
Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing

There's no other sign or flyer out front saying when they might be open. However, it does look like there's some construction happening on the inside, so perhaps soon?

Looking at Peppino's website, it doesn't list any upcoming locations that are opening, but it does have a couple of pizzerias that are open nearby; one in Grand Ledge and one in Dewitt.

I'm sure this will make for an excellent late-night stop for those students staying up late studying...or drinking. Until then, below are some other East Lansing restaurants that are open for a late-night bite to eat.

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