I was on Facebook when I came across a post about a family cat from Grand Ledge that left me shocked and full of sadness and rage.

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Warning: Details ahead about how a local cat was hurt

Brittany Rademacher and her family have a cat named Nancy. Unfortunately, Nancy was found on Thursday, January 12th having been shot multiple times by a BB gun.

Poor Nancy had to have her eye removed and BBs from her sinuses and brain removed. Because of this, the Rademacher family has been left with a huge medical bill for Nancy's care. You can see the damage that was caused in the picture below.

Used with permission of Brittany Rademacher via Facebook
Used with permission of Brittany Rademacher via Facebook

The Rademacher's filled a report with the police, but are still looking for information on who may have done this to Nancy. They believe it may have been a nearby neighbor as Nancy is an indoor/outdoor cat and doesn't stray far from home. The family lives on Hartel between Pinch and Billwood in Grand Ledge.

Do You Have Any Information That Can Help?

Right now, there is a $1,000 reward "for information leading to the person(s) responsible for shooting" Nancy. When asked for a statement, Brittany had this to say,

We're asking the community where this happened to check their cameras and see if they see her on 1/12 between 6:30 and 10:05 pm to help determine which direction she came from.

This is my personal opinion, but whoever did this to Nancy is a despicable human being. No animal deserves this kind of treatment, and I hope that justice prevails. According to the Michigan penal code surrounding animal torture, that's a felony charge that, in some cases, comes with four years in prison, fines that can be up to $20,000, and community service.

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