Dear Tiehart Rd. in Okemos,

I want to start by saying that I feel for you. You are the road in Meridian Township that is grossly neglected. It seems that whoever is responsible for maintaining it has forgotten about you.

via TSM Grand Rapids
via TSM Grand Rapids

When I started driving down you a few years ago, you were bad. You had some potholes that were out of control. I get it, part of you is paved and part of you is dirt. Your caretakers have let the traffic abuse you and the small band aid, patch jobs that have been done on you are exactly that, band aids.

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Although I know it's not your fault, you've gotten out of control and honestly you're brutal. Your caretakers have left you alone to fend for yourself. Like I said, I know it's nothing personal but it's starting to feel like it. Trying to navigate your minefield of potholes is stressful. I hit one of your surprises last week that left me wondering if I need to get an alignment.

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The problem I have is that this road is in dire shape. The plow trucks plow it so I know that they are aware of the conditions of the road but nothing has been done. I will be moving away from the area soon. Maybe the county or the township, whoever is responsible, will do the right thing and give you a new pave job and the love you need. If it happens after I move, that's ok. At least it will prevent costly repairs from happening to innocent bystanders. Good luck Tiehart Rd.

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