In a monumental court decision, an Indiana judge has settled a long and heated debate about whether tacos are sandwiches. I'm sure you're wondering, as I did, how whether or not a taco is a sandwich became a legal issue that needed to be ruled upon in a court. Buckle up, Michigan; here's how your Tuesday night entree officially became a 'Mexican Sandwich.'

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It all started when the Allen County Plan Commission in Fort Wayne, Indiana, refused to allow Famous Taco to open a second location. The commission reasoned that the strip mall would only allow "made-to-order or Subway-style sandwiches" businesses to operate within its walls due to a written agreement Maria Quintana, the strip mall developer, had entered into with the Covington Creek Condominium Association. Famous Taco wasn't taking that for an answer, so they filed a lawsuit, thus beginning the legal debate: Is a taco a sandwich?

How Taco's Officially Became a Sandwich in Indiana Court Ruling

It's Official Michigan: Judge Rules Tacos Are Sandwiches

Quintana had signed a written agreement with the condo association to keep major fast-food chains out of the area and blocks away from the residential development. However, the condo community signed off on the exemption, but the Allen County Plan Commission halted progress, citing the agreement as the reason. Are you following along?

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Enter Allen County Court Judge Craig J. Bobay, who was tasked with looking at the original written agreement between Quintana and the condominium association. Instead, Judge Bobay ruled that no amendment was needed, and the Famous Taco location could move forward as planned. What changed?

It's Official Michigan: Judge Rules Tacos Are Sandwiches

The court ruled that tacos and burritos, along with Greek gyros, Indian naan wraps, and Vietnamese Banh mi, were international variations of sandwiches and, therefore, did not violate the original agreement. This decision settled many water cooler and bar debates and provided a legal precedent that tacos are sandwiches.

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Now, how can we get the 'is cereal soup' questioned in a court of law?

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