It's a brave new world for retail in Michigan and some stores are faring better than others. Brick-and-mortar locations continue to struggle to combat the ease and simplicity Amazon and other online sellers offer. While some Michigan chain locations have found ways to survive, Rite Aid's answer to emerging from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, has been to shutter stores, and they recently added 3 more locations that will be closing in Michigan.

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Personally I don't do a lot of shopping at Rite Aid. At one time it was my go to pharmacy and I would wander up and down the aisles and marvel at how high I thought the prices were for some of the items but, given they had a captive prescription waiting population that may make convenience or impulse buys, so I assumed that was their business model. That and greeting many greeting cards.

Three More Michigan Rite Aid's to Close Following Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing


According to court filings, Rite Aid will close these 3 Michigan stores in 2024:

  • Howell
    • 1002 East Grand River Ave
  • Midland
    • 2006 N. Saginaw Road
  • Detroit
    • 4612 Woodward Ave

Detroit, Michigan has seen the most Rite Aids shutter in the state, with the Woodward Ave location taking the total to 10 closed in the metro area. The Great Lakes State isn't the only one feeling the pinch, as the 3 newest Michigan closures were part of 77 nationwide. To see the list of the previously announced Michigan Rite Aid locations that are to be closed, or have already, click the link below.

Floundering Retail Giant Announces 3 More Michigan Closures

I feel for the folks who have to find a new pharmacy as a result of these closings. There's a special relationship made with your pharmacists and the techs and a familiarity, a comfort you have going to the same place and seeing the same people.

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Here's hoping Rite Aid works through their financial woes and we won't see more Michiganders forced to shop elsewhere for prescriptions, cards, and overpriced gifts.

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