Michigan usually rates in the top ten most haunted states in the country...it's gotten as high as #2 on some lists.

Fine, but what Michigan city is considered to be the most haunted?
Some place in the Upper Peninsula?
Mackinac Island?
Surprisingly, no.
Michigan's most haunted city is said to be Monroe.

Lying between Detroit and the Ohio border, Monroe has reported 48 paranormal sightings overall. But why? Why Monroe of all places?

The old paper mill is one reason. Plenty of spooky stuff has been witnessed there, including a ghost that will scream at anyone who dares enter the mill. The mill got so dilapidated, it was off-limits and deemed dangerous to enter. It has since been demolished, but that doesn't stop paranormal investigators from visiting the site.

Another reason is General Custer's legacy. It's believed that the legend of Custer at Little Big Horn evokes spirits of the soldiers and Native Americans who perished in that battle. Okay, but the battle was in Montana, right? So why should spirits of the dead be in Monroe? Paranormal enthusiasts say the souls of the fallen at Little Big Horn came to rest in Monroe to “keep an eye” on the former Custer homes and the Custer cemetery plot.

More likely are the restless dead of the Battle of River Raisin; the battlefield is right there on the east side of Monroe. Many apparitions of soldiers have been seen by visitors and tourists.

Another possible reason for ghosts is nearby Lake Erie, who has claimed its share of sunken ships and crew members that didn't survive - not to mention the many spooky Native American legends.

The remaining list of Michigan's most haunted cities are the following, along with the number of paranormal sightings in each:
2) Muskegon, 44
3) Bay City, 43
4) Saginaw, 32
5) Paris, 30
6) Oscoda, 28
7) Jackson, 28
8) Menominee, 27
9) Taylor, 26
10) Flint, Morenci, and Port Huron are all tied at #10 for 25 sightings each.

That being said, the gallery below features many old photos of Monroe...maybe they will give you an idea of why it's so haunted...but maybe not.

Monroe, Michigan: The Most Haunted City in the State


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