We love a good haunting in Michigan. Halloween is one of the biggest nights out for Mitten State adults and kids alike. What other day of the year can adults dress up like it's career day at a strip club, and kids are encouraged to get loads of free candy from total strangers?

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Halloween shopping has become another retail cash cow, with spending reaching $10.6 billion in the United States. Michigan certainly puts a huge dent in that number, but we also appreciate a good ghost story, haunted house, and even bewitched gravesites.


Like any good state, we respect Halloween enough to give Trick or Treating its own designated time. Children scampering up and down otherwise quiet neighborhoods in pursuit of miniature delights.

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Adults collectively look at their calendars to figure out when the Big Kids party will be and try to figure out which scantily clade profession they wish to portray this year. This must also be discussed with friends because no one wants to show up to a party where there are two sexy pirates.


Halloween takes normally sane Michiganders and turns them into semi-professional crime scene stagers. Some Mitten state lawns look like a hockey goalie fought with a machete-wielding lunatic over a bag of Hawaiian Punch syrup.

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Halloween also comes with Haunted Houses and Paranormal Tours. Since the season isn't kind to Michigan's golfers, it gives them something else to pay for that makes them feel scared and angry.


There's no doubt that Michigan truly embraces all things haunted and Halloween but, do we love them more than 49 other states? Let's find out where the Great Lakes State Ranks for its fascination with all things haunted.

BOO! Which State in America Loves Halloween the Most?

How do you determine a state's love for Halloween and all things spooky? Somehow AirportParkingReservations.com:
"examined the number of searches for haunted houses, haunted house reports, and the number of ghost stories and Ghost Adventures episodes filmed in each state".
Using this data, they were able to calculate a total score on a scale between 0 and 40. Here's how your state ranked in AirportParkingReservations.com ranking for The Most Halloween and Haunted House Obsessed States in America.