What's your favorite smell? Would someone think your choice was odd? While it's not my favorite, nor would I want a cologne made of the scent, I don't mind the smell of skunk, and I'm not the only one who finds otherwise unpleasant aromas inoffensive. Based on search volume, Michigan's favorite scent is one that some people may find less than desirable or even cause for emergency action.

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BetMichigan.com stuck its nose into Michiganders' search habits by analyzing Google searches of scents in the state over the last year to discover the Mitten's favorite odor. While the #1 scent isn't necessarily pleasant, I'm not surprised it's Michigan's most sought-after sniff.

Michigan's Top 10 Favorite Smells: A Mixture of Yum and Um

What's That Smell? Michigander's Favorite Aroma May Surprise You

Before we look at Michigan's favorite smells based on search volume, it's important to remember that 'favorite' is a subjective term. For instance, I love the smell of burning leaves. If you're lighting a pile on fire and I happen to drive by, rest assured, I will be rolling down my window to get a snout-full of smoke. My wife isn't a fan of this seasonal aroma, so I must resist the urge to inhaul burned leaves when she's along for the ride.

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Based on BetMichigan's research, Michigan's favorite smell is divisive. As I mentioned, if I or someone else who doesn't find this odor alluring were to catch a whiff, it might be time to raise the alarm. For others, they may linger a bit longer than the average Michigander when filling up their car. Here's a look at the Mitten State's Top 10 Favorite Smells.

Michigan's Top 10 Favorite Smells

BetMichigan.com took a nosedive into Google Search data to find the Great Lake State's most searched smell. Here's a look at the Top 10 Favorite Scents in Michigan.

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