When searching for a delicious meal in Michigan and your time is limited, your day will, at times, lead you into a drive-thru for a quick bite to eat. If dessert is a priority, then this is your list.

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Personally, I prefer a cold dessert, like a shake or other ice cream-based treats BUT, that request is often met with: 'I'm sorry, but our ice cream machine is down'. So, to satisfy my sweet tooth, I've turned to fast-food cookies for a fix.

Michigan's Best Fast Food Cookies - #5 Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie

Subway Sandwich Chain Considering Sale Of Business
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Subway always has good grub and their cookies are pretty darn good. The only drawback with Subway cookies is they rarely have that 'crisp to soft' crunch you're looking for in a treat. When not cooked long enough, they can get floppy too.

Michigan's Best Fast Food Cookies - #4 Panera Bread Sugar Cookies

Panera Bread To Go Public
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It was tough to choose between their Chocolate Chipper and their iced sugar cookies, but Panera Bread's icing wins out simply because it is better when dipped in their coffee. Having a dunkable drink helps this ranking in my completely non-scientific rating scale.

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That Chocolate Chipper is pretty darn good though.

Michigan's Best Fast Food Cookies - #3 McDonald's Chocolate Chip Cookie

McDonald's Reports 14 Percent Revenue Increase In Third Quarter Earnings
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If Micky D's still served McDonald Land Cookies, this would be #1 (I really enjoyed biting Grimace's head off) but, the greasy Chocolate Chip Cookie offered up by McDonald's is solid for a fast food offering. These are also served up warm 90% of the time, which also helped it to edge out Panera's sugar cookie.

Michigan's Best Fast Food Cookies - #2 Starbucks Chocolate Chip Cookie

Starbucks Shares Drop 7 Percent After Q4 Earnings And 2022 Forecast Is Released
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I am not a fan of Starbucks' coffee but, I am a huge fan of their Chocolate Chip Cookie. Another entry that is served warm, this cookie has a near-perfect balance of crunchy and melty.

Michigan's Best Fast Food Cookies - #1 Chick-fil-A Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Chick-Fil-A Struggles To Keep Some Locations Open Due To Labor Shortages
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Though I have never understood why people go crazy for Chick-fil-A, their Chocolate Chunk Cookies are as close to homemade as I could find at a Michigan fast food joint. Each bite offers a crunch followed by soft, chewy cookie goodness.

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Does anybody know where I could get one on a Sunday?

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