While it may not be news to some, some may be surprised to learn that Michigan didn't always fall in the Eastern time zone. What's more, a small portion of the state uses Central time. Imagine living in the Central time zone and working in the Eastern time zone (EST); it happens in four Michigan counties.

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Until 1918, Michigan was part of the Central time zone, an hour behind the Eastern time zone. In March of that year, the US Congress adopted our current method of timekeeping, which moved the Mitten one hour ahead. But, four Michigan counties opted to keep their clocks in the Central.

The Four Michigan Counties Who Live in the Central Time Zone

How Many Time Zones Are In Michigan? Hint: It's Not One
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Much to the surprise of tourists and even some Michigan natives visiting the Upper Peninsula, Dickinson, Gogebic, Iron, and Menominee Counties are all part of the Central time zone. All four sit along the border of Wisconsin and opted to stay in line with their neighbors during the 1918 realignment.

While conducting daily business with Wisconsin may be more accessible, some live in one of these counties in Central but work in the Eastern time zone. So if you have a half-an-hour commute (short by UP terms) and work starts at 6 am EST, you may be setting your as early as 3:30 am CST. You'll also travel 'back in time' on your drive home. It's not optimal, but residents adjust.

Celebrate Holidays Longer in Michigan

How Many Time Zones Are In Michigan? Hint: It's Not One

Living on the border of the Eastern and Central time zones has its advantages. Birthdays and holidays can last an extra hour. You can even celebrate the New Year twice by starting in one Michigan county and stepping into another.

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So there you have it: time travel (of sorts) is possible in Michigan. What day would you most like to add an hour to?

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