Michigan shoppers, brace yourselves. In news that will only take a few by surprise, Target stores in the Mitten State and around the country will stop accepting a once standard and common form of payment. It seems like just yesterday, bills were accepted without a marker test for counterfeiting, credit cards were placed in boxes, under carbon paper, and scanned manually with a satisfying "click click."

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While these forms of currency are still used, their input methods have changed dramatically. However, a once common form of payment is no longer welcome at Michigan's Target locations.

Targets in Michigan No Longer Accepting Personal Checks: Effective July 15, 2024

Target Will No Longer Accept These as Payment in Michigan

Honestly, I'm surprised Target accepted checks for this long. Using this method to close out your shopping trip is like sending a telegram in the age of email. In other words, while a few may have to make adjustments, most of us won't even notice the change. The good news is you won't have to worry about finding your pen.

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Many of us watched our mothers search through their purses at grocery store checkouts and department stores to fish out their wallets and pens growing up in Michigan, but no more. As of July 15, 2024, Target stores will no longer accept personal checks.

Michigan Target Stores Accepted Forms of Payment

Target Will No Longer Accept These as Payment in Michigan
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According to a spokesperson for Target, the Minnesota-based retail giant announced the change due to "extremely low volumes" of check usage, which is corporate-speak for "Seriously, who still writes checks?"

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Don't panic. Target still accepts your money in many forms. From cash to credit and debit cards, Target Circle Cards, digital wallets, SNAP/EBT cards, and even buy now-pay later services, your shopping experience won't suffer. The retail giant has ensured you can still spend your hard-earned money in a hundred different ways; just don't write a check.

This isn't the only change coming for Michigan Targets. Recently, they've imposed a 10-item limit at self-checkouts and instructed staff to crack down on shoplifters with goods worth $50 or more. These moves are part of Target's strategy to combat theft and streamline operations.

The silver lining? At least you won't be stuck behind someone in line searching their purse for the checkbook and pen.

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