I know there are a lot of WARNINGS floating throughout the State of Michigan, but this is one you need to pay attention to. Identity thieves are everywhere and they are smarter than you think, and they are willing to jump at any opportunity to cash in on your savings and drain every last penny.

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They don't need much to work with, but you could be carrying around an identity thief starter kit in your pocket or wallet right now. That's why the Social Security Administration (SSA) has launched the Guard Your Card campaign.

Why Carrying Your Social Security Card in Michigan Could Cost You EVERYTHING

FEDS Warn Michigan Residents: DO NOT Carry This in Your Wallet

The SSA is reminding Michigan residents that there is little, to no need to carry their Social Security Card on their person. Think about it. How many times a year are you asked to show someone your Social Security Card?

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Tax purposes? Nope, you just need to know your Social Security Number, no need for the card. Getting a driver's license? Uh-uh. The only state that requires it is Pennsylvania.

FEDS Warn Michigan Residents: DO NOT Carry This in Your Wallet

The SSA notes the instances of needing your card are minimal at best. The agency recommends keeping your Social Security Card in a safe and locked location that you will remember.

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If you do carry your Social Security Card be sure not to lose it. Those numbers are the combination to nearly every asset you and your family have. Guard your card Michigan or it could cost you your life savings.

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