Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo was planned and built by Frank Henderson, owner of the Henderson-Ames Company. His wife Mary had inherited a huge plot of land in which Frank was hoping to create an upscale suburb.

From 1888 until 1890, Frank, surveyors, and architects plotted the property. In 1890, construction on his new regal home began...regal, indeed. With a castle-like exterior, the mansion had a ballroom on the third floor, seven bathrooms, an elevator, a total of twenty-five rooms, and a shower with thirteen heads (and later a hot tub on the roof).

It has expanded since then...it currently has 14 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms!

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In 1895, Frank threw a big house-warming party, with many of Kalamazoo's richest and most prominent people in attendance. He got to enjoy his castle for only four years, as he passed away in 1899. Mary Henderson hung in there until 1908.

Many owners have come and gone since, with restoration beginning in 1975. In 2005 it was turned into a bed & breakfast and has remained so, even under new ownership.

Of course, with a gothic castle on top of a hill, the inevitable legends grew about paranormal activities. The rumors about the ghosts of Frank and Mary Henderson are widespread (Mary has been seen by several people at the top of the staircase), but other spirits believed to be encased within the castle include a little girl and her dog, and a Spanish-American War veteran. They speak, touch, walk, slam, and appear wearing the clothes they wore during life.

As of February 2024, Henderson Castle has been put up for sale for five million dollars.

Now take a look at the inside in the gallery below...

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