There is nothing more frustrating than ordering a pizza with, maybe 2-3 toppings, going to pick it up, and being given a bill for sixty dollars or more...outrageous, right? It happens...but not always.

Makes me miss those days when we were kids and would buy a box of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee pizza, with a bag of dough mix, a can of sauce, and a small can of grated cheese. Once the dough was made, then you'd forage thru the fridge to find every and anything you could to chop up and use for extra toppings.

Your cost for the box o'pizza: 89 cents.
Mom & dad's cost for the stuff you cut up for toppings: priceless.

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Over the last number of decades it's been made too easy to just forget the box and just call up and order pizza – and it makes sense that the “home” of Michigan pizza would be the place where you can spend the least amount of money on one: and that would be Detroit.

These findings were recorded back in April 2023, according to an analysis by They did a breakdown of pizzas per pie and per slice among the country's 50 top-populated cities, and Detroit came out at #1 for an average 14-inch pizza costing $13.39 and $1.67 per slice.

The remainder of the Top Ten cities for cheapest pizza (pies and slices) were:
2) El Paso, Texas, $13.90 and $1.74
3) Oklahoma City, $13.99 and $1.75
4) Fort Worth, Texas, $14.26 and $1.78
5) Tulsa, $14.34 and $1.79
6) Albuquerque, New Mexico, $14.35 and $1.79
7) Tucson, $14.57 and $1.8
8) Wichita, Colorado, $14.65 and $1.83
9) Mesa, Arizona, $14.66 and $1.83
10) Jacksonville, Florida, $14.77 and $1.85

Thankfully, no Michigan city showed up in the Top Ten Most Expensive pizzas, so I won't even get into that. Combining all 50 cities involved in the survey, the average cost for a full pizza was $17.16, with Detroit's pizza eaters paying 22% less than average.

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