I'm sure glad there are others who do this so I don't have to.

Exploring abandoned, empty, and deserted places is many times a nail-biting experience...especially if you're in a place like this: a morgue. Now, we all know there's nothing in a morgue that can hurt you, right? No bodies down there (well, sometimes) to make you freeze in your tracks...and certainly if there were, they would not come to life as zombies. Right? No such things, correct?

So what's there to be afraid of? Dark corners, human-like shadows that jump out, crumbling walls and ceilings, decay...those are all certain to be seen in places like these and they can't actually hurt you, right? So what's there to be scared of?

Well, I'll tell ya.

Monsters, zombies, and ghosts don't scare me...but humans do. If there were creepy human dwellers lurking in the cellars or living within the walls, then yeah...that would be scary. And in a morgue would be ten times scarier...and it is.

The photos in the gallery below take you through parts of this deteriorating old Detroit hospital and down into the dank depths of the decomposing morgue. The slabs, cremators, and body coolers are all still down there. Nah, they can't hurt you either, but they just might make your imagination get the better of you.

So come on in and take a photo tour thru this undisclosed abandoned Detroit hospital...this is one creepy place.....

Abandoned Hospital Morgue


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