Michigan is known for being a record-setting state, and has had at least 10 current world records set within its borders. We're a group of people who love to go above and beyond in what we do, and the world "excess" doesn't exist in our vocabulary.

But there's one record that is maybe most celebrated in Michigan, so much so that even the average citizen can recall the date, almost off hand, and celebrates it annually - It's the loudest Fart ever.

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On May 11, 1972, Michigan put itself in the record books once again for a record that some might consider childish or sophomoric. But greatness rarely comes without detractors and haters.

Paul Hunn officially set the record in Flint with a flatulent episode that lasted for two minutes and 42 seconds. Now sadly, Guinness doesn't have an official category for passing gas, so technically, all fart records are unofficial. Which explains why this particular one is so contested.

There is still accounts from a man in Texas who supposedly cut one that registered 194 decibels, which would have made it louder than a jet. Surely his neighbors would have heard it as well, but he also claimed it only lasted for a very short amount of time - possibly less than a second.

His lack of witnesses, AND the extreme volume make it questionable though, and leaves the claim to Hunn, who has witnesses to confirm his 118.1 decibel fart! For the record, that's like enduring nearly three minutes of a chainsaw, or two and a half minutes of a Metallica concert.

So Happy Anniversary Flint Fart Record. And just in case someone HAS unofficially beaten you, or might soon, well... it's been a gas.

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