There's an old saying in promotion, "there's no such thing as bad press." Obviously, that's not completely true.

BUT, when someone dedicates their entire platform to giving awful reviews of something they hate (that others love), then the "bad" press might not actually be that "bad."

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@Ihateipas on TikTok is fast becoming my favorite channel to follow. Her brand on TikTok is simple... "An IPA review account... Colin Loves IPAs, Emma hates them."

Not sure who Colin is (possibly her partner?), but CLEARLY Emma is not a fan, and now she's amassed nearly 75,000 likes on her videos reviewing the thing she hates most in this world - IPA beers.

Recently, she highlighted two of Michigan's biggest breweries, and their biggest brands, Founders, and Bell's.

For Founders, it was their biggest seller, the All Day IPA, which she described the smell as like "Carpet that has sat out in the sun." As for the taste, she musters up an audible "UGH" before saying it tastes like "Sour Bad Breath."


@ihateipas ♬ original sound - IPA Hate Account

It also got one of her worst rankings of ANY of the IPAs she's tried. As for her Bell's choice, someone suggested THEIR biggest seller, Two-Hearted Ale. After yet another "perfect pour" all over the floor, she described the smell as "Baby Wipes.. butt wipes." High Praise for someone who described one of the other beers as smelling like a "sweaty old man and cat urine." As for how it tasted...

"It tastes like the Outdoors... like you bit into a leaf."

Seeing as there's two fish on the can, saying it tastes like "outdoors" seems kind of on point.  

@ihateipas ♬ original sound - IPA Hate Account

She also gave it one of the highest ratings on the channel, a 3/10. So for someone who hates IPAs, she seemed to kinda like Bell's.

Emma also took a shot at the Anti-Hero IPA from Revolution Beer in Chicago, and a number of Colorado, California, and Minnesota breweries, too. This channel will soon be one of those where breweries will BEG to get their beer on her profile so she can roast it. God Forbid, she actually likes your beer.

Local Breweries, take note... you want some fun, free press, send this girl your IPAs and prepare to laugh!

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