As someone who has lived in Michigan their entire life, there are a few terms that have been thrown around when it comes to referring to Michigan residence. To be honest with you, I feel like one of them makes a sound like we live in a cult, and the other one is the definition that truly embodies what it means to be for Michigan.

The two terms I’m talking about are the terms Michiganian and Michigander. Both terms are often used to describe somebody from our state but up until now there is never been a definitive way to identify us. So today let’s settle the debate.
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What sparks the controversy for me?

Recently, there was a story shared about how Detroit Lions owner Sheila Hamp was named Michiganian of the Year. Now, although she very much deserves it, I can’t get over that word. Michiganian sounds like we’re aliens from another planet or invaders of the state.
According to local favorite legend George Peter Block Junior, the term Michiganders is one that I feel is the easiest to say and doesn’t make us sound like we belong to a cult. Unfortunately, for me both terms I used regularly. So let’s solve the debate today. How do we identify ourselves, one or the other? Is it Michiganian or Michigander?
I want you to vote below, and next week I'll take a look to see just how many people are divided on this subject like I am. I'll go down with Michigander if I have to.

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