There's a show on Amazon Prime called "The Man in the High Castle," that depicts what could have happened in the United States of America if we had lost World War II to Nazi Germany, and the Japanese. It's an interesting concept, and the show obviously has a fictional look at what the country would be like.

Of course, we did win the war. But that didn't stop people from projecting what might have happened if we'd lost the War. And it's interesting how they predicted the country would have been broken up.

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When World War II did end, The Potsdam Agreement ultimately broke apart the Nazi-occupied German Empire in Europe, and created several NEW countries with governments established by the U.S., England, and the Soviet Union. It's also what split Germany into East and West.

We can only assume, had we lost WWII, a similar agreement would have been drawn up for America, and our allies.

In the 1930s, America was actively trying to stay out of the War, and news articles were written, with diagrams that depicted... "If We Enter a World War --- and LOSE..." this is what the country would end up looking like.

Los Angeles Examiner cira 1937
Los Angeles Examiner circa 1937

The full-page graphic from the November 14th, 1937 edition of the Los Angeles Examiner shows the possible lines drawn for the victorious parties, which are unnamed, but we can assume it would be Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Noticeably, Japan would receive control of the Pacific region of the United States. There would also be a section of the southwest, that we would likely have to give BACK to Mexico.

The East Coast would be divvied up between Nazi Germany, and probably Italian Empire control, and then... there's the Great Lakes Region, and New England. The description on the map says...

"A big prize for one of the victors - minerals, foodstuffs, shipping outlets. The Empire State Corridor conceded to U.S. as a buffer between two victorious allies who may be Empires in the next conflict."

So while it doesn't say SPECIFICALLY who would control the area, Michigan, Wisconsin, parts of Minnesota, and most of New England would be under the control of whichever Axis Empire was awarded the rights. They would essentially control inland shipping from New York City - which would be an open, international free port - all the way into the MIssissippi River.

So Michiganders... we would be under the control of one of those "Empires" that were victorious.

Thankfully, again, that's now how things worked out. But, it's an interesting look at what could have been in a different reality.

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