Spring is officially here, meaning we're unfortunately going to start seeing more bugs around. Early on, cooler temperatures will keep them at bay, but as we warm up, more and more of them will show themselves.

But there's one bug that, if you're seeing them in your home now, means they've been there all along, and you might want to get your house checked. And that bug is... The Stink Bug.

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This time of year, bugs who have been hiding and hibernating will begin coming back out so they can eat, grow, and mate for the season. Most of that will take place out in nature, but for some people, annoyingly, the bugs have been lying dormant in your home all winter, and now they're showing their ugly faces again.

Stink Bugs have a knack for getting into homes through tiny nooks and crannies during the summer, and early fall. They were a personal nuisance for me this past year, and this time I aim to keep them wholly out of my apartment.

But unfortunately I'm seeing the signs of last year's incursion, as those stink bugs that DID make it in, have been hiding somewhere in my home this entire winter.

For those who are starting to see stink bug creep out around the house, yes, unfortunately, those aren't new bugs getting in, those are last year's bugs waking up, and trying to sneak out. More often than not, it means your home has some cracks and seals that should be looked at, specifically around doors and windows.

Michigan Stink Bugs

But if you're still having issues with Stink Bugs, here are some tips to help you get rid of them for GOOD from your home.

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