If you're buying a cool home, then you need a cool guy to buy it from, and Michigan has one of the coolest.

Introducing Dylan Tent, the Helicopter Realtor, who not only has his own helicopter license, and helicopter tour company in the state, but he uses it to his advantage, and has put together one of the most creative ways to sell some of Michigan's largest, and most luxurious homes and properties.

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Dylan Tent is a cool dude. He rides a unicycle, looks like he can play hockey pretty well, looks DAMN good in a suit, and oh yeah, happens to be a licensed helicopter pilot. He's got a unique look on life, and his job, creating one of the most viral and unique realty platforms in the state.

Tent works with Signature Sotheby's, which is primarily high-end homes and property. Once you watch his videos, and see his listings, you'll see why he's trusted with some of the biggest, and best homes in the state. He takes his unique approach on live, and applies it to the properties he sells.

Need a home on a lake, he will literally ride up to it on a jet ski, while still sporting his custom suits. Need room for your paintballing past time? He will literally break out the paint guns and show you where the best spots are.

He's got a background in extreme sports, too, so he will regularly perform wakeboarding, motorcycle, and other stunts in and around the property he's selling to give it a unique look.

He also has a show coming soon on Amazon about what he does, and how he does it.

And of course, he specializes in property large enough to land his helicopter, which he uses for some of the best property shots you'll ever see in realty.

I'm not gonna lie, if I had the MONEY to buy one of the homes he's selling, he would be my first call. He seems to know the life of fun and luxury, because he lives it, and seems to be the perfect ambassador for his clients, and the homes he sells.

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