If you thought you felt the ground move beneath your feet yesterday in Michigan, you might not be crazy. There was a repot of an earthquake in parts of the state that shook people up briefly.

Thankfully, though, no damage was reported, but another earthquake in Michigan? What is going on?

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It was announced Wednesday afternoon that a small earthquake was felt in parts of southeastern Michigan. Parts of St. Clair County and northeast Macomb County likely felt the rumble that was reported as a 2.5 on the richter scale, and actually centered near Corunna, Ontario, Canada.

It's unclear what may have caused the earthquake, as there are virtually no fault lines in the area, but that's not to say the ground just didn't shift due to area weather conditions, or even mining. The quake was very shallow at just 5 km, so it's possible it was mostly surface level shifting, and not any sign of something bigger.

That being said, while the quake was on the Canadian side of the river, it's not uncommon for Michigan to feel a rumble once in a while.

In fact, one of the largest ever was felt in the Kalamazoo area in 1947, an even caused some damage.

To see some of Michigan's biggest quakes, look through the gallery below.

Biggest Earthquakes in Michigan History

The 6 Michigan earthquakes below are sorted by their intensity on the Ritcher scale according to MichiganWeatherCenter.org. The cities listed are the origin locations A.K.A. epicenters of the quakes.