Fine Dining in Michigan isn't hard to find. There's a LOT of culture that influences a number of restaurants and styles, but one thing that everyone seems to seek out is a great steakhouse.

Michigan has a lot of them, and you'd think that the best of the best would be in the Detroit area, where most of the state's money and popularity is. But, it turns out, the state's best steakhouse is in a small town in west Michigan.

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We've listed west Michigan's best steakhouses before, and there's some good ones. The Grill House in Allegan is a popular spot for most people in southwest Michigan, and it has one of the highest rankings in the state according to Google. But it's not the best rated.

In fact, some might say it's Crazy Horse in Holland, or Bowdie's Chophouse in Grand Rapids. But in fact, since 1966, the best rated steakhouse, according to Google, is in the tiny town of Bronson, Michigan.

Yep, located at 670 W. Chicago Rd., across the street from a Snowmobile and motorsport auction business is Bill's Steakhouse. In a town of 2,307 people, Bill's Steak House attracts several times the town's entire population on a yearly basis to eat their meat... and sides.

"Best Steaks Around. Brought my youngest here for his 21st birthday. Steaks and sides cooked to perfection. Portion sizes were so huge, I got 2 meals for my dinner... On point, awesome smile (from the server), and took such great care of us. Highly recommend stopping here for a nice meal and special occasion."

Bill's Steak House, Bronson, Michigan

In fact, Bill's is so good, it brings people back who have moved thousands of miles away.

"Been coming here for decades. We moved to Florida 14 years ago but met friends here... If this place doesn't change the quality of the food and service, it will be here for another 50 years."

So a steakhouse with a near-perfect rating, that brings people back from Florida? Can't go wrong with that, for sure.

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