As a kid growing up on the east side of the state near Sterling Heights, Lakeside Mall was definitely a special place as a teenager in the new millennium. There were so many days spent going to Hot Topic and waiting in line so we could get concert tickets from the Ticketmaster Booth For upcoming concerts.

There is something special about this mall that, now that it’s been announced most of it will be torn down, kind of makes me feel like this is the beginning of the end of the traditional mall here in America. With the addition of online shopping and the want by many to support local businesses, malls everywhere in Michigan have been struggling.

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After the recent announcement that on July 1, Lakeside Mall will be closing down to make way for a $1 billion renovation project, it almost feels like this may be the next step Toward the different kind of shopping experience. Someone recently shared their thoughts on Facebook as well, reflecting on how we may have taken the mall for granted:

Reflecting On The Mall

This was a place for me to go escape my life, to be with my friends and many times as I got older just to be alone without being “alone”. Just getting lost in the retail whirlpool, not really buying much, but pretending you could. The feeling of independence when your parent dropped you off. I could go on and on but I just want to say thank you Lakeside Mall for all that you provided me. My one last wish is you rest easy old friend. You did well girl, you did well.

Is This The End of The Traditional Mall?

What do you think will happen to traditional malls in the future? Are they all doomed for billion-dollar renovations to fit the modern-day aesthetic?

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