It’s always a bummer when one of your favorite locally-owned restaurants decides it’s time to close its doors. Luckily for the 45-year-old, staple restaurant of Decatur, Michigan the Hard Times Family Restaurant recently listed their building for sale as the founder of the restaurant, Debbie has announced that she is ready to retire and enjoy life after the restaurant.

The nice thing is, is while they are listing the building for sale, they will remain open for business to support Debbie and her retirement as she announced in a Facebook post recently:

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We will remain open while we are for sale. We have no thoughts whatsoever of closing. We’ll nip that soon to be rumor in the bud right now .We have so many memories and enjoy being a part of Decatur for the last 45 years! We are on the market permanently until sold. I’m ready to retire  - Debbie

Hard Times Family Restaurant is a 200-seat restaurant that consists of the county's largest menu, which is wild for a restaurant its age. But Debbie has been a massive part of the community since opening in 1980, and hopefully, the people who take over the business/building can continue the Hard Times, and continue to make it a pillar business of Decatur.

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