Social media is a major part of everybody’s life and to some people having the most followers deems how you are looked at in society. I have to admit that back in the MySpace days I wanted to gather as many different friends as possible. Now I take a look at my Facebook and I see that I have 1000 friends and I wonder, "How the hell did I get 1000 friends?"

It turns out social media sites like Instagram can be a hotbed for fake profiles and two of the most illustrious colleges in the Midwest are apparently being followed by a ton of fake Instagram profiles, according to a new study that was done by FlashPicks, they analyzed the Instagram profiles and followers of 105 US colleges to see who had the most fake followers.

How Bad Did The Midwest Do?

#3 Ohio State University

Ohio State University came in third. They have 1.3 million Instagram followers and 193,000 of those are fake. That’s roughly 14 1/2% of their followers.


#8 University of Michigan

University of Michigan didn’t do too well either, having just under 1 million Instagram followers and 6 1/2% of them being fake. That’s roughly 64,000.

Why would someone create a fake profile and then follow somebody? I have no idea but it kind of takes away from the importance of saying you have over 1 million followers when you actually don’t.

If you want to check out the full list to find out which college has the most fake Instagram followers, you can follow this link and check the data.

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