As most people in west Michigan know, you don't have to travel to the East Coast, or the Gulf of Mexico, just to see beachfront property. In fact, west Michigan especially has a TON of beautiful beachfront homes and cabins that make for great getaway spots.

And out in west-central Michigan, right on the coast of Lake Michigan, there's a two-story cabin that is screaming for someone to buy it, especially if you love a quiet, beachfront environment.

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The home is at 378 Shady Glen Rd. just west of Shelby, Michigan, which is about an hour or so north of Muskegon, and this home is the perfect spot for people who love a quiet, beach environment.

It's RIGHT at the end of the road, and has nothing but trees and beach to the north for almost a half mile. A quick walk down your private beach walkway, and you'll practically have an entire stretch of Lake Michigan's sandy beaches all to yourself.

Even on those days where you don't want to walk down to the water, the back patio, which stretches the entire width of the house, faces directly at Lake Michigan, so you can still get those beach vibes without the pesky sand between your toes.

Andrea Crossman Group
Andrea Crossman Group

But this house isn't just about the outdoors, the inside is pretty amazing, too. HUGE vaulted ceilings in the livingroom and kitchen let in a ton of natural light, as well as into a higher-level loft lounge area.

The basement has its own living area with two other bedrooms, and a utility room, while the master bedroom and bathroom are on the main floor.

While this house may be right on the line of where "Up North" starts, it certainly has the charm of a true "UP North" home with wood-stove heating, and a cozy, relaxed feeling. It's also part of a community that offers tennis courts, a basketball court, playground, and a course for something called "Crolf." (I'll have to look that one up.)

Andrea Crossman Group
Andrea Crossman Group

Bottom line is, this home can either be the ULTIMATE getaway spot for you, OR, even serve as your full-time home if you've always wanted to live on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan with your own private beach.

Better jump on it fast, though. This place won't last long.

This Michigan Cabin Has Its Own Huge Private Beach

Gallery Credit: Andrea Crossman Group