Michigan, I hate to say it... but we, as well as the rest of the northern contiguous United States... are under attack by forces that would choose to ruin our crops, and endanger our livestock.

They're a violent bunch, fast, agile, cunning, smart, and elusive... and they're from Canada. We are under threat of the Canadian Super Pig Invasion.

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For centuries, wild hogs, boars, and pigs, have been a nuisance in North America. Particularly in the American south, wild boars will root up crops searching for bugs, roots, and mushrooms. They also destroy native species of plants, and habitats to indigenous animals. In the past few decades, the wild, feral hog population has exploded, and across the country, billions of dollars are lost every year to wild hogs.


That's why places like Michigan, have hunting seasons that are open year-round on the hogs, provided of course, you have the proper licensure. There is no limit on the number of pigs you can take, nor on what day you can take them.

Now, Michigan doesn't quite have the problem that most of our southern counterparts do with the current population of wild hogs. But there's a new threat from the north that could change that.

"North America is also facing a new swine-related threat, as a Canadian 'super pig,' a giant, 'incredibly intelligent, highly elusive' beast capable of surviving cold climates by tunneling under snow, is poised to infiltrate the north of the country." - The Guardian

The only places in Michigan that see major issues from wild hogs are in the upper peninsula and small parts of the lower peninsula. But if these Canadian Super Pigs find their way into the Mitten, we could have a much bigger problem.

AND, these pigs in particular are dangerous to humans.

"Pigs are also accomplished predators. They'll opportunistically come upon a hidden animal, and the males have long tusks, so they're very capable of running and grabbing one with their mouth... They pose a human health and safety risk." - Michael Marlow, Assistant Program manager for the Department of Agriculture

So how do we handle and manage the population? It may seem inhumane, but the U.S. and Canada are capturing whole Sounders (that's what a group of pigs is called) and "eliminating" them. Sometimes, even setting poison traps.

And, it's been somewhat successful. Except now, the pigs are becoming MORE intelligent and recognizing the traps.

"They've definitely moved in, and they're here to stay." - Brooks

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