A foody website just posted an unhinged attack on 5 pizza chains.  But, are they wrong?

The publication believes that we need to lift up the mom-and-pop pizza shops that make delicious pizza by calling out the pizza chains they have deemed "the worst in America."  Delishably didn't hold back.  In fact, they were downright savage with their assessment of these pizza places,

I've put together a list of the top five worst chain pizza restaurants in America to expose these joints for producing and selling cardboard-flavored bread topped with just about anything and cleverly disguising it as pizza.

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Delishably has proclaimed Chuck E. Cheese to be the worst pizza chain in America.  Do you agree or disagree?  I was surprised to find that Chuck E. Cheese still has 12 locations in Michigan.  Before we look at the 5 pizza chains that this website trashed, let's check out the Michigan locations of what they deem as the worst.

Chuck E. Cheese Michigan Locations

  • Canton
  • Dearborn
  • Grand Rapids
  • Lansing
  • Novi
  • Portage
  • Roseville
  • Saginaw
  • Southgate
  • Sterling Heights
  • Troy
  • Walker
Chuck E. Cheese Michigan Locations Map

Top 5 Worst Pizza Chains in America in 2024 According to Delishably

  • #5 Pizza Hut
  • #4 Papa John's
  • #3 Domino's
  • #2 Little Caesar's
  • #1 Chuck E. Cheese

To be honest, I've never really considered Chuck E. Cheese a pizza place.  I've always considered them a kid's play area.  Am I alone in this?  Also, have you ever had Chuck E. Cheese pizza?  Is it that bad?


Another website put their 2 cents in on the worst pizza chains in America below.

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