Why are there so many Ohio locations of the most disliked fast food in America?

Since the first McDonald's opened its doors in 1955, fast food has been about getting quality food quickly.  Over the years the quality has taken quite a few hits.  Then after the pandemic, the U.S. is experiencing longer lines with fewer employees working our favorite fast food spots.  Have you ever wondered which fast food chain is the least popular?  Well, if you want brutally honest answers, go to Reddit.  InsiderMonkey.com did just that.  The worst fast food chain according to Redditors is a place I completely forget existed.  The fast food joint that specializes in fish, Long John Silver's grabs the title of the most hated fast food chain in America.

Long John Silver's named the worst fast food chain in America
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Somehow, Ohio has 59 locations.  The only state that has more Long John Silver locations is Texas (76.)  However, Indiana (54) and Kentucky (45) come pretty close.

5 Worst Fast Food Chains in America according to InsiderMonkey.com

  • 5. Del Taco
    Number of Negative Reviews / Upvotes: 487
  • 4. KFC
    Number of Negative Reviews / Upvotes: 598
  • 3. Subway
    Number of Negative Reviews / Upvotes: 849
  • 2. Burger King
    Number of Negative Reviews / Upvotes: 1,254
  • 1. Long John Silver’s
    Number of Negative Reviews / Upvotes: 1,779


Do you agree with these results?  Check out the full list of 13 fast food chains in America and where they rank according to Reddit voters by clicking here.

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